Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q – How long will the rust-proofing undercoating treatment last?

A – After the first treatment, it is recommended  that customers return for the next treatment within one year. The vehicle will be well-protected against the formation of new rust during this year.
It is also recommended to avoid high-intensity pressure washing of the undercarriage. A simple rinse with a hose is sufficient for cleaning an undercarriage treated against rust.

Q –  Can any vehicle be treated against rust?

A – Any car or truck, no matter how new or old, will benefit from rust-proofing undercoating, which is the only way to prevent undercarriage rust.
Any vehicle will benefit from rust-preventing treatment, since there are no manufactured vehicles which are made entirely with components that will not corrode. Other than the chassis, parts such as battery terminals, wiring harnesses, brake lines, fuel lines, switches and plugs will also corrode when they come in contact with moisture and oxygen.

Q –  Does rust-proofing undercoating have any other benefits besides rust protection?

A – The products applied to the undercarriage at Rustoration not only offer the best protection from rust in the industry, they are also beneficial as a lubricant and include anti-wear agents which are advantageous for all moving parts of a vehicle.

Q – Can Power equipment and heavy machinery be treated against rust?

A – Anything made of any metal can be treated against rust. Our customers bring in a variety of machines to be treated annually, ranging from lawnmowers and ATVs to large farm and excavation equipment.

Q – Do the products applied to the undercarriage give out a long-lasting odor?

A – They do not. Only one of the rust-proofing products we use gives out a mild odor. This odor is not harmful and will dissipate within a few days. The rest of the products we use are odorless oils.

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