Rust Repair

Many vehicle owners do not notice when the car or truck they drive first becomes rusted. They may not even notice when the rust spreads and covers more and more of the undercarriage. Some vehicles that come through our facility appear from the outside to be in good condition, but after undergoing our complete rust inspection, turn out to have an underlying rust problem that best be addressed.

In fact, most of our customers are not aware of their corroded undercarriage until we point it out to them once the vehicle is on the lift!

When a vehicle is heavily rusted, the problematic spots are apparent to the naked eye. However, many vehicles start rusting from the inside out, in spots which are hidden and hard to see. The underside of a vehicle is constantly susceptible to ground moisture, road debris and calcium chloride used to de-ice the roads. These corroding elements get trapped in the crevices of the undercarriage, causing the steel to rust. Because this area is difficult to access without a lift and probing cameras, many vehicle owners are not aware that their car or truck is being consumed by rust.

Any rust hurts the value of the vehicle and, more importantly, can cause damage which will make the vehicle unsafe for its passengers during basic transportation.

This damage can affect the fuel-lines and brake-lines, the exhaust system, bearings and seals. It can also cause pre-mature wear of chassis, suspension and drive-train.

In addition to affecting the undercarriage, corrosion spreads through the body of the vehicle, over time causing unsightly rust spots, holes and weak exterior panels, especially in more-rust-prone areas. These include inner and outer wheel wells, the lower fenders, quarter panels and rocker panels.

Most of the time surface rust, which has not yet penetrated the metal,  can be removed using a variety of grinders, scalers and sandblasting equipment which clear away the rust and expose the solid metal beneath it. In more extreme cases, when the rust has penetrated the metal more deeply, sections of the metal must be cut out and replaced with new metal, which is skillfully welded in place. In both cases, the clean metal is repainted with one of our rust-resistant paints and treated with a protective coating after the paint has cured.

These steps help stop future corrosion, leaving our customers reassured that their vehicle is well protected and safe from rust!

Bring your vehicle back to life! Stop rust in its tracks!

We are a full-service, automotive-welding shop that specializes in the following areas:

  • Surface-rust removal and treatment against future corrosion
  • Sandblasting and needle-scaling of heavily-rusted areas
  • Replacement of rotted metal, after cutting it out, with custom-fabricated sections


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