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October 16, 2016

Did a great job on my Honda – a real “rustoration”. Thank you, Doug!

Genadi Tverskoy


New Paltz, NY | September 2014

I thought my Jeep would be going to the scrap yard, but then a friend recommended Rustoration. I brought my 1998 Jeep wrangler to Rustoration , with a rear control arm broken off the Chassis. Turns out the area was very rusted. The guys at this shop literally rebuilt my entire undercarriage and welded in new sections,  making the undercarriage as good as new. I show it to friends of mine who are Jeep enthusiasts and they are amazed with the craftsmanship and quality of work.

Jason Kiley

August 15, 2016

Called Doug to have him fix my daughter’s car while in collage down that way… Doug beyond went out of his way !!! Whether for a repair or preventive treatment, Doug is the one to call!

Tom Barrier

New Rochelle, NY

I brought 3 vehicles up to Rustoration for the first time about 3 years ago, in the Fall, to get  rust- preventing treatment for my 98 Dakota, 2008 Mercedes, and my brand new Ford F350.
I did slack last year, and brought them back this year for a second treatment and was amazed that the coating held up so well. There was zero new rust on all 3 vehicles! What an  amazing service this is and it is extremely reasonably priced. I wish I knew about Rustoration years ago…
The owner, Doug, seems to be a master welder and while I was there he was piecing a truck frame back together on a old Toyota pickup. Amazing work! Speaking with Doug for just a few minutes shows a wealth of knowledge about vehicles and vehicle corrosion.
Thanks guys and keep up the great work! See you next year!

Edward Higgerstein

August 14, 2016

Doug rust proofed my car. Did a great job. Was very knowledgeable and helpful!

Kathy Dyer

Bayside, NY

I’m glad I found Rustoration in Wappingers Falls. I was looking for undercoating services since I bought a used car from the West Coast. Being a West Coast car its undercarriage was in pretty good shape (no snow = no salt = less corrosion) and I wanted to keep it that way since I plan on keeping this car forever. I live in Queens and the closest undercoaters I could find were in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, if not New Hampshire and Vermont. Undercoating seems to be much more popular in New England where people are smarter about winter-prep, but downstate New York options are almost non-existent. Rustoration to the rescue.

Doug appears to be the owner of Rustoration. I found him last year on Craigslist but ultimately did not follow through with an appointment. When winter was gearing up again this year I looked him up and found that he had created a website for his business. I set up an appointment on Wednesday and showed up on Friday. He’s easy to communicate with and responsive – if he misses your call he will call you back.

The morning I arrived I had my Suburban with my Subaru in tow since I wanted to get both undercoated in one shot. He offers two undercoating products, Fluid Film and NH Oil Undercoating. Fluid Film goes on clear, has been on the market longer, and has a proven track record – but some people are turned off by its smell. NH Oil Undercoating is a newer arrival with no smell and goes on black. I opted for the Fluid Film since I don’t mind the smell and I’ve read anecdotes about its military applications.

Doug also inspected my Suburban’s rust, gave me a few options, and didn’t try to up sell me on his rust removal services. If my Suburban were also a “forever” car I would have taken him up on the rust removal. Lesson learned – it’s much easier to prevent rust than to fix rust.

While applying the undercoating he took care to cover the cars’ windshields to protect them from over spray, and also wiped down rust prone areas on the door panels with a cloth. I appreciated the level of detail he put in his work.

Lastly, Doug also asked that I give my undercarriage a wash before my visit. This helps to create clean surfaces for the spray to adhere to. He has his own power washer but it’s impossible for the chassis to dry in time for immediate undercoating during winter months. Nothing a wash the day before and a drive can’t fix.

I’m looking forward to visiting Doug again next year and will be recommending his services to my friends that love their cars.

Godwin C.

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