Vehicle Restoration

Many of our clients feel attached to a specific vehicle, whether to a prized classic car, a vehicle which holds cherished memories or an expensive work truck which has been serving them faithfully. Owners of such vehicles, who want nothing but the best for them, are often shocked when they realize there is not much left of the undercarriage but rusted metal and holes. For some, this means it is time to call the local junk yard. Others, however, turn to us.

We, at Rustoration, have taken vehicles which most shops deemed beyond repair, and completely restored them to their former glory by making them structurally-safe again.

A full undercarriage restoration involves completely dismantling the undercarriage, including the gas tank, brake lines, fuel lines, and suspension components. Sometimes it even requires removing the entire body off the frame! We then remove all surface rust using scalers, sandblasting and grinders, until the surface is completely rust-free. At this point we analyze the frame and find out which areas are still structurally strong and which include deteriorated metal. The deteriorated metal must be cut out and replaced with new metal, which is skillfully welded in. In some cases complete sections of the frame must be replaced.

The entire chassis and floor of the undercarriage are then cleaned and painted with an extremely durable, rust-resisting paint.

After painting, we reassemble the vehicle, paying very close  attention to every detail. At this time new components, such as new shocks, brake-lines and fuel lines, are installed.

When a full restoration is complete, your vehicle will have an undercarriage which is in better-than-new condition, and has only to be rust-proofed annually to prevent new rust from forming. At this point the car or truck will not only look great, but will once again be functional and safe to drive and enjoy.

Check out our “Photos” section to experience just how impressive such transformations of the undercarriage really are!

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We are a full-service automotive and welding shop that can help with anything from repairing a small rusted area, cutting out and replacing rotted metal and all the way to the complete restoration of an entire car or truck.

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